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Sisterhood of Perfumes Bearers

posted 16 Jan 2012, 12:52 by Greek Orthodox Church
The Sisterhood of Perfumes Bearers

The Sisterhood of Perfumes Bearers were founded on March 17, 2005 under the chairmanship of Archimandrite Makarios. The bearers’ goal is to provide spiritual and social services to the Christian congregation in Qatar.

Our Church celebrates The Sisterhood of Perfumes Bearers on the third Sunday after Easter every year. The Sisterhood of Perfumes Bearers were the women who came early in the morning to scent the body of Our Lord Jesus Christ Perfumes Bearers and were the first to see the tombstone empty after Easter and the first to pass on the good news to the Apostles.

Bearers’ Achievements

·         Easter and Christmas Bazaars

·         Meet all the social requirements of our church (prepare Palm Sunday candles, decorate the coffin of the Good Friday, prepare for the holidays, prepare for the special events after the divine Liturgy, funerals, roses, etc…)

The money gained from the Bazaars is allocated for the construction of our church, St. Isaac and St. George, in Qatar. In addition, it supports the Sunday school and other expenses of the Church.